Defenders of sexual and reproductive health and rights

  1. We create awareness about anti-gender movements and their politics.
    1. Publication:Fundamentalist offensive on democracy. Women defenders of Sexual and Reproductive Rights confronting anti-gender groups and policies“.


We engage, we take action, we denounce, we raise awareness, we protect, we guarantee, we empower, we transform:



  1. We publicly condemn and expose anti-gender groups and policies through:
    1. Observatory called “L’Observatori de Drets Sexuals i Reproductius”.
    2. International Conferences and Forums:
      1. International Forum: Defenders of sexual and reproductive health and rights
      2. Seminar: Sexual and Reproductive rights attack
  • Event: Threats for all – The rise of anti-gender groups and their connections with other anti-rights threats
  1. Sexual and reproductive health and rights thematic week with media outlet El Critic.
  2. Uncovering of anti-gender and anti-rights groups public funding on Twittercovered by internationally renowned activism outlet Mobilization Lab.
  3. Manifesto:
    Stopping the transnational offensive against the right to abortion”.
  1. We create feminist narrative about sexual and reproductive health and rights:
    1. Campaign: Abortion is selfcare
    2. Website: I want to get an abortion, called “Vull avortar”.
    3. Documentary: Defenders of sexual and reproductive health and rights”.
    4. Sexual education programs: Coeduca’t program, support center for teenagers CJAS, sexual education courses and talks.
  1. We promote capacity building and give support to:
    1. Duty-bearers
      1. Catalan Parliamentary Intergroup for Sexual and Reproductive Rights.
      2. Representatives and professionals of the UN Special Missions: NY and Geneva.
    2. Rights-Hholders
      1. Organisations working for Global Justice and the Human Rights movement.
      2. Health and education professionals.
  1. We foster international and transnational partnerships with:
    1. Education and university fields
    2. International feminist platforms
    3. Media and journalism fields